Business conditions

WEBSITE is an online store that offers clothes for kids and babies. General terms of the online store are in line with the regulation of The Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) with the recommendations from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. We advise you to carefully read the below referenced General Terms of Business before you use our online store. With the usage of company Sivili d.o.o. is online store, you agree to the referenced terms. Sivili d.o.o. reserves the right to changing the terms on the website whenever and without prior warnings. Changed terms start to apply right after the publication. is an online store, managed by the company Sivili d.o.o., which also sells the products. With the executed orders, for which you don't need a registration, just accurately filled out the form for the product order, every visitor of the online store also becomes a user and a buyer. This means you are informed and agree with the Terms of Business. General Terms of Business include the activity of the store, buyer's rights and business relationship between the seller and buyer.




As a buyer, you are entitled to all the rights according to The Consumer Protection Act. With the confirmation of the purchase, the buyer allows Sivili d.o.o. with intention to fulfil or assert rights from the contract relationship and with intention of informing- to lead, maintain or assert their personal data for their own needs until the cancellation of consent of the buyer or until the data won't serve its purpose anymore. Sivili d.o.o. guarantees the protection of personal information in accordance with The Consumer Protection Act (Official gazette RS No. 86/2004, 67/2007 and 94/2007). During the administration of personal information, the buyer has a possibility of an insight look of their information. The buyer can demand (written or e-mailed demand) from Sivili d.o.o. to stop using their personal information permanently or temporarily the purpose of direct marketing at any time. The buyer can also demand deletion of their information from the collection of information, which is managed by Sivili d.o.o.. The seller Sivili d.o.o. vows to prevent the use of buyer's personal information with intention of direct marketing in 15 days at most and to notify the demanding buyer about it in the next five days (written or other notification). The expenses of all of the acts in relation to the buyer regarding the use and deletion of their personal information are covered by Sivili d.o.o..

The seller commits to always provide the buyer next information:

1. the identity of the company (name, the seat of the company, register number),

2. contacts that enable fast and efficient communication (e-mail, phone number),

3. the main features of the product,

4. product accessibility (every product offered on the website is accessible in a reasonable time),

5. terms of product delivery (manner, place and time of delivery),

6. all prices are clearly and unambiguously given with taxes included; delivery expense are also evident,

7. payment and delivery option,

8. time validation of the offer,

9. deadline for contract withdrawal and terms for resignation,

10. refund procedure (with information about the contact person or contact buyer services).


Seller Seevil d.o.o., Straža vows that any personal information gained through website will remain entirely in the possession of the seller Sivili d.o.o. and will serve only for needs of order execution and delivery, unless the user of the website has agreed to any other form of usage of the given information. We will treat all given information unconditionally in accordance with The Consumer Protection Act.



On online store we enable the buyer next ways of payment:

- payment with debit card Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and BA,

- with cash at acceptance (Post of Slovenia and GLS),

- with a credit card at acceptance (GLS) and

- with account deposit (at offer/ pro forma invoice).


Seller Sivili d.o.o. issues the bill on permanent medium with analysed costs. All delivered products stay in possession of the seller Sivili d.o.o. until whole payment. The sales purchase agreement (order) is saved on Sivili d.o.o. is server in electronic form. After successfully executed the order, the seller Sivili d.o.o. sends one copy of the contract to the buyer via e-mail. Later the seller enables the access to the contract to the buyer. The buyer can order a copy of the contract in writing by e-mail address or verbally on number 00386 7 384 70 40. The seller Sivili d.o.o. sends the buyer the copy of the contract by e-mail in writing or in electronic form on desired e-mail address. All of the documents, pro forma invoices, contracts are written in Slovene, except in the case of buyer's wish for the document to be written in a foreign language or in the case of international collaboration.




All prices in the online store are in EUR and include the tax on additional value (VAT). Although we attend to assure as correct data as possible, sometimes incorrect price data can happen. In that case or in case the product price changes during the process of order, the seller Sivili d.o.o. will enable purchase withdrawal and simultaneously offer the best solution to the buyer. The sales purchase agreement between the seller Sivili d.o.o. and the buyer is concluded when the buyer confirms the order (the buyer receives the e-mail message about the confirmation of the order). From that moment on, the prices and terms are fixated and consider both the seller Sivili d.o.o. and the buyer.




A product on our website can be ordered by clicking on the icon of a selected product that marks its size. By doing that, the order form for that product will open. The buyer just adds to the form wanted quantity and other needed information and proceeds to checkout by clicking on the link PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. After the checkout, the buyer receives a notification and a contract by e-mail and the order is accepted in the waiting line. On this level, the buyer can still cancel the order by e-mail or phone. Any mistakes, corrections or additions to the order can be communicated by e-mail or through phone number +386 7 384 70 40. We will abide by your comments, mistakes or corrections.




For contracts concluded at a distance or away from business premises, the consumer is entitled to inform Sivili d.o.o. that they're withdrawing from the contract, without them having to give the reason for their withdrawal. This has to be done in writing in 15 days. The message is considered in time if the shipment is emitted in time. The deadline starts to run the next day after product delivery. The only expense the buyer has in relation to the contract resignation is the direct expense of the product return by post on the company's address Sivili d.o.o., Hruševec 37, 8351 Straža, Slovenia. The buyer has to let the seller know about their intended return in no more than 14 days since the reception of the product. This has to be done in writing by e-mail on e-mail address and the products must be returned in no more than 14 days since the resignation letter. The seller Sivili d.o.o. returns to the buyer all finished payments in relation to the contract in no more than 30 days after the reception of the resignation letter. No returns of postal charge!

If the buyer has already received the product and resigns from the contract, they have to ship the product in original packing, unused (can be tried on to see its features), unharmed and in unchanged quantity back to the seller Sivili d.o.o. in no more than 14 days after the message from paragraph above, unless the product is harmed, lost or its quantity is reduced and it's not the buyer's fault. If the buyer returns products without the original package, the package is excessively destroyed or the product shows signs of being used longer than it should have been in order to find out its features, the seller Sivili d.o.o. reserves the rights to charge with the damage evaluated in the record at the product return.




In the case of the obvious package or product damage, the buyer has to pass their complaint to the provider or to the delivery service at the reception of the product. The buyer isn't obligated to take the product like that and can turn the package down. In a case of package's physical damage, lack of contents shows signs of opening or the products inside are damaged and the buyer still takes the package, they have to pass their refund at The Post of Slovenia or at the seller. If the buyer suspects the damage has emerged during the delivery and it has been caused by the delivery service, they bring the package to the closest post office in the same condition as it was when it was delivered. The case is then taken over and managed by the seller. We and the Post of Slovenia will take care of solving the refund as fast as possible. We advise the buyer to check the package and the contents before the take-over in the presence of the messenger.




The buyer can request a refund if the product doesn't have features promised by the seller if the seller sent the wrong products, wrong quantity or a wrong colour, or the products are incorrect in any other way. The buyer can request a refund in no more than 8 days from order and demands immediate change for the same, flawless product or they can enforce the refund in the given deadline and under the conditions for a refund enforcement for the material error. In the case of the refund, the buyer can, in accordance with regulatory limits, demand the replacement of the article, its repair or purchase price return. In the case of the latter, the seller reserves the right to charge the rent by valid price list for the time the buyer was using the product, but no more than the reduced going price because of the product's usage. The buyer can bring the product into the refund by bringing it personally or by sending it at their own expenses to the following address: Sivili d.o.o., Hruševec 37, 8351 Straža, Slovenia. If you want to return the product on our own expenses, you have to arrange it with the clerk of the company Sivili d.o.o.. We don't accept packages with compensation if it wasn't settled with the buyer.




A buyer can take over the shipment personally in our store at the address:

Sivilil d.o.o., Hruševec 37, 8351 Straža, Slovenia,

or receives it in no more than 2 to 10 workdays from the date of pro forma invoice payment or in no more than 2 or 5 workdays from the order in case of cash on delivery. We don't ship the products on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Although the business partners for shipment delivery are Post of Slovenia and GLS, the buyer reserves the right to another delivery service if by that the order will be filed more effectively.
Buyer's participation in the expenses of delivery cost 3,99 EUR (at Post of Slovenia) and 3,49 EUR (at GLS) if the order is up to 60,00 EUR and it will be charged at the purchase, which will be evident, even from the invoice.
The expenses of delivery are covered by the seller if the order is higher than 60,00 EUR.




Buyer's information is carefully secured from the loss, abuse, unauthorised access or revealing, changing or destroying. Information is stored in network servers, protected with a password and limited access. Online store takes care of buyer's personal information safety and only uses it for intentional usage. By no mean will the Buyer's personal information be handed over to a third person.




The seller should contact the buyer through means of long-distance communication only if the buyer doesn't explicitly oppose.
Commercial electronic mail should contain next constituents:

- they should be clearly and unambiguously labelled as commercial mail,

- the sender has to be clearly evident

- different sales, promotions and other market techniques have to be labelled as such. As well should be certain conditions of the participation.

The seller commits to respect the buyer's wish not to receive commercial mail.




- The provider respects current legislation of consumer protection.

- The provider is obliged to establish an efficient system for dealing with complaints and select a person with which the buyer can, in the case of any problems, connect through e-mail or phone. The procedure for filing a complaint is available on websites, simple to use and confidant.

- The provider will confirm the reception of the complaint in 5 workday time, let the buyer know how long will it take to treat it and will notify the buyer all through.

- The provider realises that the main feature of the consumer dispute, as far as the judicial resolution is concerned, is its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the expenses which originate in solving of a dispute. This is the main obstacle for the consumer not to activate a dispute in front of the court. That is why the provider endeavours for the potential disputes to be solved consensual.





Company: Sivili production, sales of clothes, Ltd
Address: Hruševec 37, 8351 STRAŽA
Registration number of company: 8376310000
Tax (VAT) number: SI93372442
Taxable person for VAT: YES
TRR at SKB Bank: SI56 0315 6100 0058 520
Registration authority: District Court Novo mesto
No. of Registration entry: 2019/6707
Registration date: 15.02.2019 




Online shop and every data, product pictures and graphic, shown on the website, are protected by Copyright and it is not allowed to reproduce or use them without prior consent of the company (in writing). Trademark and company logo are in its possession.