Purchase help


The products on our online offer of clothes are divided into categories:
- Newborns (where you find clothes in sizes from 56/0M to size 62/3M)
- Toddlers (where you find kids’ clothes in sizes from 68/6M to size 86/18M)
- Kids (where you find kids’ clothes in sizes from 2/92 to 12/152)
- Accessories (where kids’ covers, hats, ear bands, diapers and other products are)
- Sales (includes every product of kids’ clothes currently on sale)
- Last pieces (includes products on sale that are no longer in stock in every size).
After you select a category, in left menu you choose between:
- Sex (male and female)
- Size (in different categories appear different sizes mentioned above)
- Categories (where you can choose between shirts, pants, underwear, hats, bodies, sweatpants,…).

After clicking on a subcategory, the list of products appears with the picture, their basic price and name.
By clicking on the product picture, a page with the product description, extra pictures, belonging attributes (colour, size, structure,…) and sizes that are in stock, appear. Sizes that are not in stock are not shown and therefore they cannot be bought. The products are, with a click on wanted and available size, added to shopping cart.


The shopping cart has the same role as a card in a regular store. It saves chosen products and shows the number.
The contents of the cart can be reviewed anytime with adding or removing products. The products are added to the shopping cart by simply clicking the button that marks wanted size or number of the product. The quantity of chosen products can be changed (insert the wanted quantity) and by clicking >OK< the whole purchase value is calculated (considering the changed quantity) if the inserted quantity is available. If the wanted quantity is not available, the program enables the purchase of products currently in stock. The products in the cart can be deleted by pressing the "X" in the >REMOVE< heading, located on right-hand side of the shopping cart. In case you want to return to the purchase, click >CONTINUE SHOPPING< and in case you want to buy the selected products, click on >ORDER THE CONTENTS OF THE SHOPPING CART<.
Fill out the form and finish your purchase by clicking > PROCEED TO CHECKOUT< or return to the shopping cart by clicking >BACK TO SHOPPING CART<.


If you are sure that you want to buy the products in your shopping cart, just simply follow the instructions and fill out the form found under the shopping cart or your order. Here you select the payment option and delivery option. When you finish with all of the requested information, click on >PROCEED TO CHECKOUT<. Within a few minutes, you will receive an order confirmation on your e-mail address.
In the case of any additional information or problems with a purchase, you can write us at our e-mail address mailto:info@sivili.si or call us on +386 738 470 40.